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Episode 13 – The World’s Longest Distance Migrants are Helped by Dublin Port

The biggest and busiest port in Ireland, Dublin, is uniquely helping the world’s longest-distacne migrants whose journey brings through the ‘unseasonable weather’ which Ireland has been enduring. Now, why is that weather hitting Ireland and how much can we know about it? Those are two issues focused on in this new edition of the MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW. How are they related. You’ll find out when you hear all about Ireland;s dedicated national weather buoy network, technology which is essential to Ireland’s weather forecasting and maritime safety and also vital to Europe. Another vital part of Irish life is the country’s greatest traditional boat, the currach and this edition takes you to the national museum to hear how the currach is being protected and preserved. Always a great maritime listen. Join the community of the sea aboard the MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW.

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Maritime Ireland Radio ShowEpisode 13